Your success is our success. 

Your time at Canadian Independent College is meant to be rewarding.  Whether you like it or not, being a student is your fulltime job.  Your parents or financial backers are sacrificing for you to be able to learn and achieve at Canadian Independent College as well as experience the life changing opportunity at university.  It is fun to learn!  There is so much to learn about the world, about yourself, about others, and about your family and from the experiences you have had. It is really important to get a handle on how to learn and to improve on that. 

Canadian Independent College is a stepping stone to university.  Once you are in university you will experience an intense learning curve.  We hope we will have exposed you to enough tools that you can build on them, be a successful student, and complete your university degree.  You can do it. 

Although the following learning skills are not a part of your grades at Canadian Independent College, how well you practice these learning skills on a consistent basis strongly correlates to how well you will do and how ready you are for the demanding academic path ahead in university.  Canadian Independent College will work with you in strengthening your learning skills.  You will likely need to build on them in university.  Be sure to utilize the study skills sessions and workshops in university.  They make a difference.  The guidance and counselling office offers monthly workshops on various topics and we encourage you to read through some great university resources that are linked below.



 Learning Skills and Work Habits

E = Excellent     G = Good     S = Satisfactory     N = Needs Improvement



  • Fulfills responsibilities and commitments within the learning environment.
  • Completes and submits class work, homework, and assignments according to agreed upon timelines.
  • Takes responsibility for and manages own behaviour.
  • Devises and follows a plan and process for completing work and tasks.
  • Establishes priority and manages time to complete tasks and achieve goals.
  • Identifies, gathers, evaluates, and uses information, technology, and resources to complete tasks.

Independent Work


  • Independently monitors, assesses, and revises plans to complete tasks and meet goals.
  • Uses class time appropriately to complete tasks.
  • Follows instructions with minimal supervision.
  • Accepts various roles and an equitable share of work in a group.
  • Responds positively to the ideas, opinions, values, and traditions of others.
  • Builds healthy peer- to – peer relationships through personal and media assisted interactions.
  • Works with others to resolve conflicts and build consensus to achieve group goals.
  • Shares information, resources, and expertise, and promotes critical thinking to solve problems and make decisions.



  • Looks for and acts on new ideas and opportunities for learning.
  • Demonstrates the capacity for innovation and a willingness to take risks.
  • Demonstrates curiosity and interest in learning.
  • Approaches new tasks with a positive attitude
  • Recognizes and advocates appropriately for the rights of self and others
  • Sets own individual goals and monitors progress towards achieving them.
  • Seeks clarification or assistance when needed.
  • Assesses and reflects critically on own strengths, needs, and interests.
  • Identifies learning opportunities, choices, and strategies to meet personal needs and achieve goals.
  • Perseveres and makes an effort when responding to challenges.