Students are expected to familiarize themselves with this Policy. Access to the System is conditional upon the User’s agreement to comply with the terms of this Policy. Use of the System constitutes a User’s acceptance of the terms of this Policy.


A User may only use the System for purposes related to his/her studies and operations and activities of Canadian Independent College. All other uses are prohibited. Students should have no expectation of privacy when using the school’s System.


Students should use the System in a way that will not disrupt its use by others and that does not involve improper use. Use may be monitored and if improper use is detected a pop-up screen may appear; however, it remains the student’s obligation to ensure that all use is appropriate, does not adversely impact on anyone else’s use and is in compliance with this Policy.


Examples of acts inconsistent with the Policy include, but are not limited to:

●using the System to create, process, distribute, access, download, store, send or receive illegal, offensive, pornographic, defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually-oriented, threatening, racially offensive or other inappropriate materials (this includes posting or distributing materials on personal web pages, commercial websites, e.g., social network sites, e.g.,,,, and similar sites);


●violating the System security, the terms of any software license agreement or anyone’s privacy; using the System to impede or disrupt computing activities of others, including distributing unsolicited advertising or chain or pyramid letters, or mail bombing, phoning or message broadcasting after a recipient has requested that they stop;


●using, without permission, computer accounts or network identification numbers (IP addresses) assigned to others;


●destroying or damaging equipment, software or data belonging to Canadian Independent College or others;


● using the System in a manner that harasses others. This includes posting of images or e-mail messages that cause discomfort to others. The display of images, sounds or messages on the system in a public area which causes discomfort to others who share that area is also prohibited. Users shall assume that their electronic correspondence, including instant messaging, is the legal equivalent of publicly spoken or written words;


● seeking information about, browse, obtain copies of, modify, lock or hide files, documents or passwords belonging to others for any reason, whether at the school or elsewhere, unless specifically authorized to do so by those individuals;


●disrupting electronic communications or monitor them without authorization;


● posting messages and attributing them to another user or otherwise misrepresenting one’s identity online;


●copying copyrighted material without permission or install any software for which the User or Canadian Independent College does not own a licence; and/or


●playing video games or using Instant Messaging during class without permission (see MSN/Gaming Policy).


Users shall:

●use the System in a way that will not disrupt its use by others;


●limit their use of the System, including to access the Internet, to topics and websites that are appropriate and not otherwise contrary to this Policy;


● log out properly;


●seek prior approval to download or print any large files; and


● report messages relating to or in support of any use contrary to this Policy in accordance with the Reporting Violations section below.


System Security

Reasonable efforts must be made by all Users to preserve the System’s overall security. This includes maintaining an updated, proper and secure password. Passwords should be changed often and should never be shared. A forgotten password or unauthorized use of a password should be reported to IT personnel at once. Attempts to access or accessing information, files or System areas beyond the level of security that a User had been granted will be considered theft. If Users encounter or observe a gap in the security of the System, they must report it to the IT Office. Users must not exploit or attempt to exploit any such gaps in the security of the System.



Viruses are unauthorized computer programs that may destroy or damage computer files on an infected computer. Users should be aware that a virus may be located in any file or disk obtained from a third party. (This is one reason users must obtain permission from IT personnel before loading any software onto the System. If users have any doubts or concerns about a file they plan to load onto the System, they must obtain the permission of IT personnel before loading the file.)


System Monitoring

Canadian Independent College supports the free flow of information and ideas over the Internet but will periodically monitor the use of the System. Users acknowledge that they do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy with regard to their use of the System, even when this use is restricted to school-related activities and the information is stored on its computers or network.


Canadian Independent College  may cooperate with legal authorities and/or third parties in the investigation of any suspected or alleged crime or civil wrong.  Canadian Independent College may also on occasion access, read, copy, reproduce, print, retain, move, store, destroy and/or disclose information, including files, messages, documents, stored in or sent over the System.


Violations of the Policy

The school’s discretion in identifying an appropriate discipline response, the student’s intention to commit an act contrary to or prohibited by this Policy, or to do an act required by this Policy, and the degree to which such an act was committed will be instrumental in determining the consequences of such an act.

In addition to being a violation of Canadian Independent College  rules, certain computer misconduct is prohibited under Canadian law. In addition, Users may be held responsible for misuse which occurs by allowing their account to be accessed by a third party. Sanctions Canadian Independent College  may take any one or more of the following actions in response to violation of this Policy:


● issue written or verbal warnings;


 ●suspend the User’s account;


● terminate the User’s account;


● suspend or expel the User from Canadian Independent College and/or


●bring legal action to enjoin violations and/or to collect damages, if any, caused by such violation.