●  Attendance is directly related to student success in each course of study.


●  Students are expected to attend all classes. 


●  When a student misses a class, s/he will be expected to make up the time missed.  Teachers and the student   will consult about how to make up the time and how to assess the skills and knowledge that would have been missed by the student.


●  The Ministry of Education mandates that an academic credit includes 110 hours of classroom instruction. Students who miss eight or more classes in a course of study may not be able to attain a credit in the course of study.  The Administrative Team will meet in order to review the circumstances related to the student and the reasons for absence.


Students who are late disrupt the Teaching/Learning Process.

●  Students who are repeatedly late will be expected to make up time lost.


●  Persistent lateness may result in the student being withdrawn from the course of study.