"The educator must above all understand how to wait; to reckon all effects in the light of the future, not of

the present." Ellen key (1849-19260


"You always pass failure on the road to success" Mickey Rooney


The Ontario Ministry of Education has produced a vital document named, "Growing Success" and it is an

essential guide for our teachers. Our teachers work hard every day to ensure their students are reaching

their full potential. Canadian Independent College seeks out the best teachers. All our teachers have their

teaching qualifications with Ontario (OCT) and are in good standing with the Board.


Teachers will obtain assessment information through a variety of means, which may include formal

and informal observations, discussions, learning conversations, questioning, conferences, homework,

tasks done in groups, demonstrations, projects, portfolios, developmental continua, performances,

peer and self-assessments, self-reflections, essays, and tests. (Growing Success)


The use of assessment to improve student learning and to help students become independent learners

requires teachers and students to acknowledge and enact a fundamental shift in how they perceive

their roles in the learning process. In a traditional assessment paradigm, the teacher is perceived as

the active agent in the process, determining goals and criteria for successful achievement, delivering

instruction, and evaluating student achievement at the end of a period of learning. The use of

assessment for the purpose of improving learning and helping students become independent learners

requires a culture in which student and teacher learn together in a collaborative relationship, each

playing an active role in setting learning goals, developing success criteria, giving and receiving

feedback, monitoring progress, and adjusting learning strategies. The teacher acts as a “lead learner”,

providing support while gradually releasing more and more responsibility to the student, as the

student develops the knowledge and skills needed to become an independent learner.