Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Academic Awards


A scholarship or academic award is a prearranged amount of financial assistance, awarded to students in high school, college, or university. The  financial assistance is to help students pay the costs of continuing their education and in some cases, subsidizes living accommodation. Scholarships often reflect the aims and intentions of an applicant. Scholarship amounts differ, depending upon the applicants financial condition and set criteria for awarding scholarships.


There are five main classes of scholarships:


1. Merit Based: based on a student's accomplishments in academic, athletic, artistic, extracurricular, volunteer, community involvement, or special community project pursuits.

2. Need Based: based on the student's and his or her family's financial position. Usually students from economically deprived regions or family with low income qualify.

3. Student Specific: applicants must qualify by ethnicity, gender, race, religion, military service, family or medical history, or many other student-specific factors set by the sponsor of the award.

4. Career Specific: awarded to students planning to pursue a specific field of study, specific research or areas of particular need in the current market.

5. Financial aid: financial aid is available based on each donors requirement to assist students based on set criteria not mentioned above. Such financial help is usually awarded by institutions to encourage students to pursue their studies without financial stress and burden.


What's the best way to research what scholarships you might be eligible for?

Here are a few links to scholarships and academic awards:

Please check individual institutions for specific scholarship awards and financial aid packages .  Each year you are in university you should check with the financial aid office for available scholarships and bursaries.