The academic program in Middle School allows our students to gain knowledge, skills and confidence as they approach High School. Our teaching staffs are well-versed in teaching techniques that engage young minds. Proven techniques such as: activity-based learning, individual education plan, group planning, debates and an element of challenge in classroom activities facilitate our students becoming engaged learners for life.

At Canadian Independent College, we offer a dynamic, excellent and cooperative learning environment where students’ curiosity is stimulated, leadership skills are refined, and advanced interactive learning is meaningful and focused.

Our teachers tailor their teaching practices to the unique intellectual, spiritual, emotional and developmental needs of middle school aged students.

The College’s emphasis is on building a foundation for lifelong learning and devotion to one’s dreams and inspirations. Expectations for academic achievement are high, balanced with an enriched Ontario Ministry of Education approved curriculum. We combine our enriched curriculum in Mathematics, Science, Languages, Arts, Business, and Technology with recreational athletics, music, drama, visual arts and exciting community excursions

Let your child discover the inner strength at Canadian Independent College