Technological education promotes the integration of learning across subject disciplines. For

example, in designing a technological tool, students may gain information about its intended

use (social science), about the materials used in its construction (science), about mathematical

relationships describing its dimensions and shape (mathematics), and about the aesthetic qualities

of its design (the arts); they may also create text that outlines procedures for the tool’s use

(language). Similarly, technology supports students’ work in other subjects. It develops research

skills, supports development in literacy and mathematics, and fosters creativity, critical thinking,

and problem solving. In addition, it promotes global citizenship and environmental awareness.


Green Industries, THJ4M

Grade 12


This course focuses on more complex concepts and skills related to the green industries.

Students will focus on developing process skills, design and management techniques,

and ways of enhancing environmental sustainability. They will also examine social and

economic issues related to the green industries, learn about safe and healthy working

practices, study industry standards and codes, and explore career opportunities. The

knowledge and skills acquired in this course will prepare students for more specialized

studies at the college and university level.


Prerequisite: Green Industries, Grade 11

Evaluation: Term Work - 70 % Summative Evaluation - 30 %