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Why do I have to do a foundation year?

You do not HAVE to complete a foundation year however it is a GOOD idea to.  Many of our graduates have come back to tell us they are so thankful they came to Canadian Independent College first otherwise there is a good chance they would have flunked out in first year. 

Every country is uniquely different so it makes sense the education system would be different too.  One area our international students have a steep learning curve is learning how to research and cite sources properly.  Otherwise students run the risk of plagiarizing and that winds them in trouble in any academic institution, particularly university..

What qualification will I graduate with and will the qualification reduce the number of years I will spend at the university?

As long as you fulfill all of the requirements, you will achieve an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).  Achieving an OSSD does not reduce the number of years you may need to spend in university.  There is one way you could possibly reduce your study time in university and  that would be to take the AP program and achieve AP scholar status.  Doing this allows you to gain some first year university credits.

With the qualification obtained after the pre-university program will I be eligible for university admissions in the UK and USA?

Absolutely! To gain acceptance into colleges and universities in the USA you will also need to write the SAT.

Can I study medicine after the program?

It depends where you want to study.  Typically the road to a MD in Canada for international students compared to domestic students is LONG.  With that said Queen’s has developed a fast track Medical Degree program for exceptional students and other universities will likely follow.  There are some countries where they accept students right out of high school although the majority do require an undergraduate degree with pre med courses completed.

Will I be able to work in Canada during my university studies?

As long as you have abided by the conditions of your study permit and you have been granted a work permit to work off campus you should be able to work. 


Will students be allowed to stay in the residence beyond the study period?

Students are allowed to remain in the residence over holiday periods.  Depending on space available students may pay to stay in residence once they have graduated. Students that began school in September and graduate in June (nine months) will be required to pay for room and board for their stay.  If a student begins school in January and graduates in June they do not have to pay for room and board over the summer. Students that stay after they graduate are still required to follow Canadian Independent College’s code of Conduct.

Who will help process university admission?

Our guidance counselors and principal will sit with students and go through the university application process FULLY.  Canadian Independent College prides itself on the 100% university placement record so we look after this application process wisely.


What do I need to bring with me to school?

Click on the link to an itemized list of what you need to bring.


What is it like in Waterloo?  Where do the students live?

It is great in Waterloo! Have the experience of being a virtual tourist by clicking on this link:

Things to do in Waterloo

The student resident buildings are in Waterloo.  Students are bussed to andf from school Monday- Friday.

The Weather in Waterloo

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