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We are a unique college and these are some of the reasons why so many families value what Canadian Independent College offers:


We are located in a natural country side setting devoid of pollution and noise associated with urban centers.
Research shows that being surrounded by nature is one of the most conducive ways to learn effectively and
live a healthy lifestyle.


We are a pre university school with a tailored focus on Canadian and international students.
Our teachers strive to differntiate their instruction to benefit the learning and success of our students.
As we are a smaller school, students easily bond and learn together. This is so important in solidifying the
academic foundation and social skills students need to succeed in a large university environment.
Due to smaller and effective class sizes, teachers are able to identify students who need academic support
early in the semester. Early intervention is always the key. Administrators strategize the selection and number of courses students take per semester to maximize their chances of success and prepare them for the intensity of the academic work they will face in university. Administrators work closely with those parents who like to be more involved with the school.


The Pre-University program is essential for most international students. The program allows for a transition year that facilitates student adaptation to a more comprehensive style of learning particularly in the realm of research, writing papers, and learning to cite work properly. Having a year to adapt to the culture and weather is also beneficial. Many of students return and tell us if they had not come to Canadian Independent College first they likely would have experienced major difficulties in their first year of university


Since its inception, CIC has achieved 100% university placement at top universities throughout Canada, USA and beyond, with the majority of students graduating in engineering, pure science, and business. Many of our graduates also receive university entrance scholarships. Canadian Independent College has a one hundred percent (100%) university placement rate with numerous merit-based university scholarships. We are so fortunate to be in the Waterloo community with two world renowned universities – University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University and the world headquarters of Black Berry along with many upcoming upstarts. Over the years, our proximity to these institutions has had a very positive effect on the success of our students.


Through a specially designed program, we continue to support our students in every way possible even after
they have left for their various universities.


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